STart = Significantly_Tough_Art!

Let’s say you are a content creator. This is a dream job for you. You’ve always dreamt of writing articles/blogs that go through your readers mind like a cool breeze. But you are not an independent blogger. You have a publisher that promises you a large and relevant audience, but with this pro comes a... Continue Reading →

Messed-up ?

What sort of Mess-ups have you ran/dragged yourself into? Mess-up at Work? Messed-up in academics? Mess-up in a Relationship? Societal Mess-up? Messed-up in your food intake ...? Over-ate? C'mon... at the end, how big can you mess-up? and how bad can it get? Before I take you to the not so unique solutions of handling... Continue Reading →

Investment Banking’s BoldMan = Goldman

This article could come off to some as a little boasting, flashy or fishy but I had a pretty brash all boys schooled upbringing with the good fortune of assuming several leadership positions in extra-curricular activities and this has continued with me to my college. Right from childhood, I had heard terms about company culture... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Black Crack…

Oil (crude oil) has always been called as black gold, probably due to its scaricity on earth. It is so extensively used that there are overwhelmingly convincing predictions about it ceasing to be a commonly used commercial resource. As the oil available on earth continues to dry, its price keeps on soaring high! But what... Continue Reading →

Embrace Confusion!

If you count yourself in the educated and aware youth population, I am pretty sure you've been stuffed up to your neck with buzzwords like AI, BigData, IOT, Fintech, Blockchain... and how they are going to leave you thrilled, fascinated, rich or unemployed. Amongst the noise that surrounds students like us- its very easy and... Continue Reading →

Nixon Shock and the Birth of Forex Markets.

Much of the mankind's history for the last 200 years have had the biggest events resulting from the decisions of American Presidents. Be it Thomas Jefferson's guile to leap at Napoleon's Louisiana property sale which led to doubling the size of US at a bargain price of 5cent per acre,  Trump's withdrawal from Paris agreement, Bush's... Continue Reading →

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